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Zach | 20 | Preston | UK

I'm back!

Got 3/4s the way through fight club, debated with myself the meaning of my life and my morals, went for a shower, then googled ‘meaningful things to do in your life’ and now sat here questioning why I’m even typing this…

No drugs or prostitutes in Amsterdam, Pfft.

Just watched another game of thrones episode and Chris from the first series of skins was in it! It made me happy :) He is my all time favourite character from tv!

Just booked my flights! 24 days and hopefully hitting 9/10 countries!! :) So far we start in Brussels then Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, then we’re unsure and then we end in Paris… Buzzin’

I was so fucked last night! We had a sit down indian at 5AM and I’d just bought a kebab so I hid it on my lap. I fell asleep on the train home as well and then a random guy woke me up saying this my my stop, Not a clue..

So last minute decision to get the train to the lakes tomora night after work, should get there for 11 ish. Ceebs packing!

Fuckkkk, I’ve just worked out that I have worked 122 hours in the last 10 days! Not even getting paid :( Eughh.

Used my mums expensive conditioner on my pubes. Silky soft!

Sex scene comes on during a film...
Little Brother:Why is he trying to kill her?
My Dad:

I’d like to make a diary but I feel the thoughts in my head are to fucked to put on paper incase anybody reads it.

Was meant to be going out in Manchester tonight, that got cancelled so we organised to go to Liverpool and now that’s got cancelled! Probs end up going to Preston :/ I’ve never been on a Tuesday.. Is it dead?

The last two times I’ve been out the bouncers have dragged me out the club, I then got a takeaway and went home.